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Now I am in the school.. getting off on my history class to do "homework". But we bot now that I´m not doing that :nana:.
So. To the bussniess here.
Yesterday I run from my house to watch
Twilight in Tijuana for a ·"pre-premiere" or something like that on mindnight.
To be hojnest, I loved the books and I was so thrilled about the movie (and afriad to, I must confess). But when the movie start all All I wanted to do was :sprint:

:bulletpurple:DONT READ IF YOU ARE GOING TO ATACK ME:bulletpurple:

The movie. Dont hate me Twilight Fans. BUT IT SUCK!!!!!
I mean, they removed a lot of things that must to be in their, and changes a hall more from the book.
I will not get in detalis for the ones that didnt see the movie yet.
But, Well, I was hoping a lot more that that.

It´s all I will say.

*Sorry for my bad writting. I´m still learning english
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stephiie69 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009   Photographer
conque te gusto!!! xPP

la vdd si sta linda la istoriia :3
pero odio k se pasen x vampiros >.<
haha el lunes empesare el 4 xDDD
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